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Neurological Assessment Equipment

'Action Research Arm Test Kit' (ARAT)

Based in Cambridge (UK), we manufacture the Action Research Arm Test Kit for optimum baseline clinical and outcome-measure-driven assessment of upper-extremity motor impairment.

Effortlessly portable, Neuroquip mobile ARAT kits are ideal for clinic and community use as well as academic research environments.

With our new 'test layout mat' conducting an ARAT test has never been easier.

These unique, textile mats are printed with test sequence protocols and pre-measured positions, helping to make testing quick and effortlessly accurate.


To avoid having to raise our Kit price due to the ever-increasing cost of parts, materials and courier charges, we are starting to make some interesting and beneficial changes to both the packaging of our ARAT Kits and the table-shelf we supply as part of the Kit as follows:

The new table-shelf is lighter than the original and now requires no self-assembly. Rather than screw-in legs, simply open the shelf, slide the legs out to the correct position and it’s ready for use!

All ARAT Kit components can now be stored in a lightweight, protective plastic case rather than a compartmentalised foam insert within the holdall. You can therefore simply pop the case into the new-style holdall and you’re ready to go….

Because of this, our new ARAT Kit holdall can now be made smaller than previously supplied.

All of the above mean that our Kits are now only 3kg: thus reducing shipping size, weight and carbon-footprint to offset ever-increasing international airfreight charges and domestic UK courier costs.

These changes will be phased-in over the next few months as old stocks run down - and by 1 January 2020 we fully expect all of our ARAT Kits to fulfil the new specifications described.